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Native and Edible Landscape Design

I design a landscape to fit your needs using the right organic drought-resistant native and edible species for your site that drastically reduce water and maintenance needs.

Native Plants Installation

I plant the right native species to beautify your property and enhance habitat for beneficial native wildlife – and ensure the plants get off to the best start.

Edible/Native Gardening And Tree Care Consulting

I provide advice and ideas for reducing maintenance, improving wildlife habitat including forest management, growing edible plants, shrinking your environmental footprint, taking care of your trees, and overall organic/native/edible gardening.

Invasive Species Removal and Management

I restore natural habitat by removing destructive invasive plants from your property and help keep them from returning.

Pollinator Gardens and Meadows

I can create beautiful gardens and native meadows of many sizes that will feed the butterflies and other pollinating insects that are so important to life on Earth – to bring your yard to life.

Rain gardens and garden ponds

I install rain gardens to beautify your landscape and absorb rainfall into the soil, helping to keep our rivers and streams clean and reduce your watering needs.  And ponds that add beauty and wildlife habitat.

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Richard Barry

Andover, MA

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Designing with and growing native and edible plants – for beautiful, functional, and sustainable landscapes in Northeastern Massachusetts.