Adding Native Plants, Shrubs, and Trees to your Landscape

Adding Native Plants, Shrubs, and Trees to your Landscape

Adding Native Plants, Shrubs, and Trees to your Landscape

Contrary to popular misconception, our own yards and gardens have a critical role to play in keeping many of our species from literally becoming extinct. There just isn’t that much pristine wild natural land untouched by humanity left anymore. Our wildlife such as birds, butterflies, frogs, toads, and many others depend on habitat we provide in our yards. We can both beautify our living space and also provide what wildlife such as birds and butterflies need to live through our gardening and yard care choices.

A Call For Backyard Biodiversity

Adding any native plants, shrubs, or trees will improve and increase the food supply and living space for native birds and wildlife. Replacing lawn or other plantings that require constant care with very low-maintenance organic native plants makes caring for your property much easier and less expensive. Planting low-maintenance edible plants in your yard allows you to get much more enjoyment from your yard in the form of the freshest organic food on what are often also very attractive plants. And it’s less that you need to purchase from a grocery store!

I have the knowledge and the ability to analyze your site and determine what attractive native and edible plant species are best adapted and will therefore require the least care to grow and thrive. Native plants in the right place as well as many edible plants require no watering once established even in the driest conditions, no fertilizing, and certainly no spraying of pesticides or other toxic chemicals.

Many people have fallen prey to the lawn and garden care business’s advertising that we all need to have large areas of manicured lawn and non-native “ornamental” garden plantings that require consistent high inputs of fertilizers, pesticides including spraying trees, and maintenance such as mowing, trimming, and blowing. This is a fallacy that has been carefully crafted by the “green” industry although gradually the paradigm is shifting for the better.

You can significantly lower your maintenance needs, provide a toxin-free environment for your kids and pets as well as the overall environment, create excellent habitat and food for birds and butterflies, and also create a more beautiful, enjoyable and productive yard. Keep the lawn where it’s most useful or desired and replace the rest with more attractive and functional plantings that require much less care. Give me a call or send me an email to have me do it for you – or to have me create a design and show you how!

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